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Rod Mancebo with Blackie in his old practise room


As humans, we are the sum of our experiences and expertise. The things we learn on our journey shape the way we see the world and how we communicate with it.

Therefore, the more we learn and the more different points of view we encounter, the better we can communicate with others.

Rodrigo Mancebo is a guitarist and singer who combines the influence of rock, classical studies, passion for jazz, and love for Brazilian music to create his own unique style. He communicates in his own way with a diverse range of people.

Enjoy the conversation with Rodrigo Mancebo and experience his music and perspective!

For personalized one-on-one sessions, whether in person or online, head over to the 'contact' section and don't hesitate to shoot me a message.




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July 2023

maggie's dream


Release Note: "Maggie's Dreams" - Rod Mancebo Trio


We are thrilled to announce the release of "Maggie's Dreams," the captivating jazz album by the Rod Mancebo Trio. This musical masterpiece is now available on all major streaming platforms, ready to transport you on a soulful journey through enchanting melodies and improvisations.


Album Overview:


"Maggie's Dreams" is a testament to the exceptional talents of the Rod Mancebo Trio. Led by the expressive guitar of Rod Mancebo, Andrey Gonçalves on bass, and Nikola Djokic on drums, this album effortlessly blends contemporary jazz with imaginative storytelling, creating a mesmerizing and unforgettable musical experience.




One More Blues For Chicago (05:55)

Maggie's Dreams (05:42)

Busy Nothings (05:41)

Spring And Fall Of 47 (05:09)

Taking Care Of Sophia (04:08)

...And Love Will Lead The Way (03:19)

Leah (08:18)

Release Date:


"Maggie's Dreams" was officially released on July 2023. Now, music enthusiasts can indulge in the brilliance of the Rod Mancebo Trio's music, exploring the heartfelt compositions and vibrant performances that adorn this remarkable album.


Recording Details:


"Maggie's Dreams" was expertly recorded in the USA during the summer of 2022, capturing the trio's undeniable chemistry and musical synergy. The album's production perfectly encapsulates the passion and creativity that define the Rod Mancebo Trio's distinctive sound.


Join the Journey:


Embark on an extraordinary musical journey with the Rod Mancebo Trio as they breathe life into "Maggie's Dreams." Stream the album on your favorite platform and allow yourself to be immersed in the rich tapestry of jazz artistry.


For more updates and additional information, visit Official Website.

The dopamine sessions


We're excited to announce the birth of a new band - The Dopamine Sessions!

Under this moniker, all of Rodrigo Mancebo's dynamic vocal rock/pop productions will now be released.

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey as The Dopamine Sessions bring you their electrifying blend of music that will get your heart racing and your feet moving. Don't miss out on this musical sensation as The Dopamine Sessions hit the stage and take the world by storm.

Duo FerRo

Duo FerRo

The instrumental Duo FerRo, comprised of Rod Mancebo on guitar and Fernando Yokota on contrabass, is making a comeback after a long hiatus due to the pandemic. This dynamic duo has been hard at work during the lockdown, honing their musical skills and preparing to bring their signature sound back to audiences.


With Rod Mancebo's exceptional guitar playing and Fernando Yokota's masterful contrabass skills, FerRo's music is a captivating blend of Latin rhythms, jazz improvisation, and virtuosic instrumental performances that is sure to leave audiences mesmerized.


To mark their return, Duo FerRo has lined up a series of private events that are sure to be unforgettable experiences for all who attend. We can't wait to see what this talented duo has in store for us in the coming months, and we encourage everyone to keep an eye out for their upcoming events. Get ready to experience the musical magic of Duo FerRo once again!


Electric Mood Boosters

Hey everyone, it's time to turn up the volume and get ready to rock with us! We're excited to announce that we're dusting off our instruments, cranking up the amps, and getting back to rehearsals. That's right, we're coming back and better than ever!


We can't wait to hit the stage and give you all an unforgettable experience with our electric mood boosters. It's been a long time since we've been able to rock out with you all, and we're itching to get back out there.


Keep an eye on our Instagram account for updates on where and when you can catch us live. From gritty guitar riffs to catchy hooks, we promise to bring the energy and excitement that only a live rock performance can deliver.


So, grab your friends, throw up those rock horns, and get ready to have some serious fun with us. We can't wait to see you all soon!

Pastorello & Mancebo

Pastorello & Mancebo

We've got some exciting news to share with you all! The dynamic Brazilian music duo Pastorello & Mancebo will be kicking off our activities this summer, and we can't wait to bring our music to your ears.


With a mix of vibrant rhythms and soulful melodies, we're excited to share our passion for Brazilian music with you all. Keep an eye on my Instagram account for more news and updates on where you can catch us live.


We've been hard at work behind the scenes, perfecting our craft and getting ready to share our music with the world. From samba to bossa nova, we're bringing the heat and delivering a sound that's uniquely our own.


So, get ready to move and groove with us this summer. It's time to embrace the Brazilian music spirit and have some fun! We'll see you all soon.

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