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Rod Mancebo and Red, his Elite Strat

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Rod Mancebo's musical journey has been a tapestry woven with determination and artistic exploration. Raised in a household where his father's LPs serenaded his childhood, Rod's initial encounter with music began at age 7, touching the piano's keys. A twist of fate led him to an electric guitar at 14, igniting a lifelong passion.


In 1993, Rod delved into Rock and Metal, forming his first band and gaining recognition within Belo Horizonte's underground scene. A turning point arrived in 2000 when an accident resulted in the loss of all movements of his left hand, temporarily silencing his guitar. Overcoming adversity, Rod emerged stronger, dedicating an entire year to physiotherapy and his rehabilitation, determined to regain the ability to play. It was during this period of unwavering dedication that he shaped his resilience, changing his path to embrace classical studies in Vitória, Brazil. Jazz beckoned, intriguing him alongside his classical pursuits.


A 2006 Bachelor's in Classical Guitar marked a milestone. Relocating to Germany in 2007, Rod's journey continued, marked by teaching, personal projects, and musical evolution. In 2014, his first album, a Jazz instrumental trio, graced the airwaves. Electrified Hope followed in 2017, blending rock influences and composition prowess. The ambitious Project Song Diary, showcasing 365 compositions in 2018, demonstrated Rod's dedication.


A mentorship with Kiko Loureiro in 2019 signaled growth. Collaborations, like Duo FerRo, thrived until the pandemic's onset. Despite challenges, Rod ventured into online projects and released remastered editions, embodying resilience. In 2022, he reached new heights, recording in the USA, embracing vocals, piano, and fresh collaborations.


As 2023 unfolds, Rod Mancebo's journey enters a new chapter. "Maggie's Dream," the latest album by RM Trio, encapsulates his boundless creativity. An array of exciting projects continues to shape Rod's narrative, with more concerts featuring Duo FerRo, Electric Mood Boosters, and Duo Pastorello Und Mancebo. His solo act, "Bossa and Roll," captivates audiences with its unique charm. Notably, a European tour with the Rod Mancebo Trio is set for 2024, promising to connect his music with even wider audiences.


Rod Mancebo's odyssey is an ever-evolving symphony, a testament to his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the art of music. In every note, he weaves a story that resonates across borders and generations, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sound.

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