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Thank you for visiting! I've made some changes and placed

what's important right on the cover of this site.


On this page, you can find all of my released albums, as well as music that you probably won't find anywhere else! You can stream for free from the website, and if you feel like supporting my music, you can buy it directly here.


Unfortunately, streaming services are changing their policies, making it almost impossible for small artists like me to share my music through the main channels. What I receive in payment from them was barely just enough to cover the fees for uploading my music there.


Feel free to navigate the site, and if you'd like, send a hello through the contact form. Once again, thank you for visiting, and come back soon!



Rod. Mancebo

Rodrigo Mancebo is a guitarist and singer who combines the influence of rock, classical studies, passion for jazz, and love for Brazilian music to create his own unique style.

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