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Three-O is more than a project or an outlet for self-indulgence. Instead, it is a brotherhood, a gathering of three musicians and friends from Brazil who happen to be socially distanced by the circumstances of life, each placed in a different part of the globe. Rodrigo Mancebo (guitar) lives in Germany, Douglas Helmer lives in Brazil (drums), and Andrey Gonçalves (bass) lives in the United States.

The three musicians decided to deal with loneliness of the pandemic by finding  a channel to elaborate their ideas, and established a beautiful musical dialogue. The results were more than pleasant and portrayed the joy and the gift of being professional musicians for the past three decades. Three-O draws performers finding an outlet to their mental health during the pandemic, supporting each other with love and partnership.













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Rodrigo Mancebo - guitars

Andrey Gonçalves - bass

Douglas Helmer - drums

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