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Day 032 - Tiredness and Overcoming (01Feb)
Day 033 - The Meaning of Being Tired (02Feb)
Day 034 - Getting Better (03Feb)
Day 035 - Sunday Jam With Myself (04Feb)
Day 036 - Ed's Influence (05Feb)
Day 038 - Just a Simple Groove (07Feb)
Day 037 - Slow Dance (06Feb)
Day 039 - The Best Yet to Come (08Feb)
Day 040 - The Myth of the Synth (09Feb)
Day 041 - Mystic Thing (10Feb)
Day 042 - Sunday Theme Express (11Feb)
Day 043 - Obscured (12Feb)
Day 044 - Depressed (13Feb)
Day 045 - Insecure (14Feb)
Day 046 - Alone (15Feb)
Day 048 - Sleep Deprivation (17Feb)
Day 050 -Hard Working Days (19Feb)
Day 052 - And A Cup Of Coffee (21Feb)
Day 047 - Unfocused (Goldfish Attention Span) [16Feb]
Day 049 - ...And Then Came Sunday (18Feb)
Day 051 - Chocolate Cake (20Feb)
Day 053 - Now What? (22Feb)
Day 054 - If Only You Were Here (23Feb)
Day 055 - Life Happens Every Day (24Feb) RIP Dad
Day 056 - I'll Arrive On Sunday (25Feb)

The next days follow the passing away of my Father on the night of 24th February. 

I was on my way from Frankfurt (Germany) to Vitória (Brazil) making a scale in Lissabon (Portugal) when my sister called me and told that our father was no longer among us.

I managed to keep the project going on (my father would be proud, I told myself), but there are no videos, since I had a lot of things to deal with.

Day 057 - The Day After (26Feb)
Day 058 - Grieving (27Feb)
Day 059 - Marching Towards Light (28Feb)
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